• Always put your glasses on and take them off using two hands, instead of one. By doing that your frame’s sides will remain straight and in the correct alignment. Putting the glasses on and taking them off one-handed can cause the hinge damage, also may stretch the frame out making it too loose for your face.


  • Purchase a microfiber optical cleaning cloth and use it regularly. Remember to launder any cloth routinely. Treat your glasses gently during the cleaning. Sometimes it is easy to distort their shape, bend the frames or nose pads. If that happens, it’s better if you do not try to fix the problem yourself but pop into our shop instead where our knowledgeable staff will have tools and skills to mend your glasses promptly. Don’t wipe lenses with a tissue, paper napkin or paper towel. They may have a rough surface, hence may scratch the lenses.


  • Use cleaning spray or cleaning tissues.


  • Buy an eyeglass repair kit. Keep an eye on the screws that hold the frame together and, if you find one is loose, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver or bring them in to us and we will give them the once over.


  • Have your glasses adjusted when they feel uncomfortable or loos, or otherwise once or twice per year.


  • Remember to keep your glasses inside a case when you aren’t wearing them. Remember to use the case of the right size for your glasses. Do not put unprotected glasses inside your purse, bag or pocket, the likelihood you scratch the lenses is high.


  • Don’t put your glasses on the top of your head. This most likely will stretch or distort your glasses, and there is a greater chance of them falling off and getting damaged that way.


  • Don’t put your glasses lens down on a surface as this can result in scratched lenses. Do lay your glasses down with the lenses facing upwards.


  • Don’t leave your glasses in a hot car or other places where the glasses can be exposed to high temperatures, these can both case coating damage and distort frame’s shape.


  • Don’t sleep with your glasses on as this can bend, break or deform your frame.